This is a tribute page to singers: Selena Quintanilla (1971-1995), Aaliyah (1979-2001) & rapper: Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes (1971-2002).


Anonymous: I have a drawing of Aaliyah, A drawing of Aaliyah's logo and her name above her picture.

Submit it if you want to! :)

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Anonymous: I can't go to AaliyahAlways anymore because it has a password and I don't know the password, That was my favorite blog to go to, I liked Aaliyah and that's why I went there. Do u have any other Aaliyah blogs I could go to?

Well I just tried to go on that blog and there’s no password blocking the site. I would suggest you look through the Aaliyah tag on tumblr. You will find a lot of blogs just on her.

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Anonymous: Why was lisa never happy like she was back in 1989 when she lived with her mom, It just puts more stress on me.

Everyone has there most inner desires, and when those aren’t being achieved it slowly takes a toll on you.

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Anonymous: I like the fact that TLC wasn't afraid to send messages to teens about getting mistreated by men.

Yes that is why they were different, successful and respected.

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Anonymous: Aaliyah said that she always wanted to do some rapping, I don't remember her rapping, Did she ever rap in her songs?

I don’t recall either…

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Anonymous: Today I made a new friend in 10th grade yesterday or the first day of school and she looked at the back of my binder and saw Aaliyah's name and said that she likes Aaliyah too:)

That’s great. Baby Girl’s legacy will always live on.

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