This is a tribute page to singers: Selena Quintanilla (1971-1995), Aaliyah (1979-2001) & rapper: Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes (1971-2002).


Anonymous: Ok. I'm happy I found this blog. I have a question I hope its not stupid or offensive. But I noticed on the West Coast there is a lot of shirts, murals, viva la raza, day of the dead translations of Aaliyah, Lefteye, & Selena. Why?

I’m not sure, maybe people from there like the artists a lot.

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Anonymous: What movies did aaliyah ever watch as a kid?

I’m not sure.

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shamamamiamimi: My only reason to watch aaliyah biopic would be to see if they did a good job but that's it

Same. With all of the drama behind it, they BETTER do an amazing job.

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Anonymous: Today I just found out that the Aaliyah biopic is coming on lifetime at 7:00 on Saturday, November 15. I'm excited because I love to see people still remembering Aaliyah, I will be watching, Sorry if I am offending all the fans of Aaliyah, I just want to get to know her life a little better and see what her life was like, I feel very bad for Aaliyah's mom and her brother since they are against this, I will probably feel a pang of guilt watching the movie­čś×

Yes I agree. I will look at it, but I still think that they should have waited for her family’s approval. I also think that Baby girl’s story is worthy for the big screen, not the small screen.

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